sonitus intortus

sonitus intortus   n.  spunky toofers and nebulagirl. circuit bent instruments, theremins, game boy beats, electric tambura and tablas, synthesizers, tape loops, lethal doses of mercury, vocals, an analog nabra brain, samples, processing, and lots of delay!

 sonitus intortus
 w/ the Pink Moon Orchestra

 Cabin Piece 2


  Our debut at samedi gras.

Audio from this performanace 16Mb

Art Damage Inc. & the Cincinnati Artist Warehouse Present: Samedi Gras, a Fat Saturday in Cincinnati for a Lean Tuesday in New Orleans Saturday, February 25, 8pm-2am, 4011 Hamilton Avenue, $5 All proceeds benefit a nonprofit kitchen in the Lower 9th ward

Saturday February 25th 10:00 pm

The Damage

4011 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati Ohio 45223